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NAZI DEATH CAMP - Same Shit In A Different Package


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Greatest hits album of the one and only NAZI DEATH CAMP!!!

Killer gatefold packaging

A1 Retard Violence
A2 Mongoloid Boyfriend
A3 You're An Emo Fag
A4 It's Wartime, Baby!
A5 Baby I'm An Alcoholic
A6 Satan Sez Kill
A7 President Is Dead
A8 Iron Eagle
B1 Who's Got The Biggest Balls In Town
B2 The Boy Whos Head Exploded
B3 Yuppies
B4 I Got Problems
B5 Cheeseburger Rock
B6 Rotten Soul
B7 Ei Sääntöjä
B8 Dementia
B9 Love Comes In Turds