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M.O.T.O. - Golden Quarter Hour Of M.O.T.O. 7"


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Side One

1. All City Seven Years In A Row 1:50
2. Alone With The Crowd 2:54    
3. Dial M For Rock 1:17
4. AC7YIAR 1:15

Side Two

1. Tight Feline Vegetation 1:46
2. Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock The Nation 1:46
3. Walking On Air, Followed By Wind 2:11
4. All The Abortions You Can Eat 1:34

8 Songs of 4 track recordings in 15 minutes on a 7 inch record!

In the '80s-'90s, M.O.T.O. released numerous tapes that were filled with lo-fi recordings of fuzzy Garage Pop classics. Paul Caporino (aka M.O.T.O. aka Masters Of The Obvious) switched over to strictly full-band studio recordings some time in the late '90s. A new location and a renewed interest in his trusty 4-track has him back to his roots.

We've chosen our favorites from recent recording sessions and turned them into a must-own piece of vinyl. We've managed to squeeze eight big hits onto a 7"EP that clocks in at a whopping fifteen minutes! The release of this EP also kicked off M.O.T.O.'s Summer 2013 tour of China.

Co-released by Rerun Records (USA) and Blast of Silence Records (Finland).